What to Order

How many pairs should I start with? 

Most practices normally start with orders in the range 20 - 40 pairs and typically end up re-ordering again very soon after!

The most common initial order is 35 pairs. An order of 35 pairs gives you the best mix of sizes and colours. For orders for less than 35, it is difficult to fit in all colours appropriately.

However, in relation to how many you want to order, there is no stress, of course please just order whatever you feel comfortable with (keep in mind we do have a 6 month 100% back guarantee on the stock you order!).

Which colours are the most popular?

Black is the most popular selling colour, then followed by Navy, White, Coral, Sky Blue and Mint. We have found that having a nice array of all the colours makes the stand look nice, neat and presentable and has a really positive effect on sales. Having the bright colours is great for attracting people’s attention and getting them to go over and look at the thongs!

Which sizes are the most popular?

The most common sizes for men’s and ladies both follow a bell curve with US Size 8 (Archies size) being the most common for ladies and US Size 10 (Archies Size) being the most common size for men.

To order the High Arch or Standard Arch or a combination of both?

It is difficult to cater for all arch types with one arch profile and as such we have both a High Arch Support (HAS) model and Standard Arch Support (SAS) model.  Approximately 70% of people prefer the HAS and 30% prefer the SAS.

Most stockist are ordering the HAS model initially and then filtering the SAS model in on an as needed basis. Having some pairs of the SAS model on hand allows customers to try them on and then their size and preferred colour can be taken for the next order.

While the HAS is the most popular model, there are some instances where the HAS simply feels like there is too much support and may be uncomfortable for the potential customer. This is most commonly seen in people with flat feet or in people with short high arches. 

The Standard Arch Support model still has a substantial level of support and perfectly fills the gap where the High Support feels like there is too much support.  When the customer is presented with these two options, the end result is an extremely high conversion rate on sales and very happy customers! 

If you were to include some standard arch support thongs in the initial order, then we would recommend to order a total of 40 pairs with 5 pairs being in the standard arch support model in black.  

Some examples of recommended starter orders:

Below are some example orders based on what we would recommend for an initial order.

Example Order 25 pairs    Example Order 35 pairs    Example Order 40 pairs

Still Unsure of what to order?

If after reading this information you are still unsure of what to order, then no stress, we are here to help you!  Once you decide on how many pairs you would like to order we can come up with a mock order for you to approve based on your typical clientele base and our experience with the most popular sizes and colours.  You can then place this order through the website.   

Our money back guarantee:

Please also remember, as per our Archies Supply Agreement, we have a 100% money back guarantee. That is, if for some reason, you no longer wish to continue stock Archies Thongs in your practice or store, then we will happily purchase the remaining stock back from you at the price you purchased them for (terms apply). However, this is very unlikely to happen!