Please see the below important points to remember when completing your order:

  1. Our payment terms are upfront prior to shipment. Once the invoice has been paid we send the goods straight away.

  2. Due the way the system works, Credit Card Payment will only be accepted on the spot / at the time of ordering. If you do not pay for the goods as you checkout with your credit card, then you are required to pay via Bank Transfer.

  3. We do not accept over the phone credit card payments.

  4. If paying by bank transfer, please ensure to the quote the invoice number in the payment message so that we can easily locate your payment. Our banking details are: ACCOUNT NAME: ARCHIES FOOTWEAR PTY LTD BSB: 013423 ACCOUNT: 460261535. When payment has been made via bank transfer, so that we can be notified to send your order and to ensure there are no delays, please send remittance advice to and also cc

  5. Once an order has been paid for, the order is final and additional pairs cannot be added on. The system treats additional pairs added after the initial order has been paid for as separate orders and as such they are subject to the minimum order to receive free postage. So please ensure your order is final when you pay for it!

  6. If the order cell is highlighted in red, then that item is currently not in stock or there is insufficient stock to fulfill your required quantity. We do NOT have a back-order system in place. If a particular item is out of stock, you will need to order the item when it is back in stock. Estimated date of new stock arrival can be found at the top of the online order from.

  7. If ordering samples for yourself, please ensure that you use the discount code: sample

  8. If ordering a stand, please make sure that you place the order as a SEPARATE order to the thongs. The stand is sent separately from the thongs and this enables the stand to have it's own tracking number. Use stand  discount code: freestand

  9. Please note that to take advantage of our 'freestand' offer you must have spent $350 or more in thong orders with Archies Footwear.    

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at our dedicated retailer’s customer service email,